Pre planning- Blog Calendar and Project Management

In this series, Planning and Executing a Corporate Blog Properly, I will share practical tips and firsthand knowledge in content creation.

As you are determining your voice and purpose, a parallel task list should include project management and a proactive calendar.
Good project management should be an essential piece to the puzzle. Creating a plan on how a project needs to get done does not take long.
Launching a project (which by the way, should be a document in your company for all departments) should include:
• the scope of the project
• the outcome
• the dates
• the terms
A good project manager will want to understand all the aspects of the project so do not leave them out of key conversations.
The project manager is the key point of contact for the client. You might name this person an account executive or a dedicated subject matter expert.
After the project manager understands the scope of the project, they can begin to create the plan which includes an editorial calendar and PM calendar.

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